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After the destruction of the BT System, Dan and the Brawlers find out, with Lync Volan's help, that King Zenoheld is constructing a machine called the Alternative Weapon System which could destroy both Earth and Vestal.

Runo - Dan and Runo have known each other ever since they were kids at age 6, they first met at the park, Dan was playing baseball with other kids while Runo sat alone because she just moved into town with her parents , Dan then invites her to come and play with them and she accepts, at the end of the day Dan just leaves her without telling her his name until she calls out to him he tells and the two don't encounter each other again.

A couple years later they are seen as online chatting buds along with Marucho, Alice, Julie, and Shun.

Their parents then send them out to go get some meat because of a big sale day.

They run into each other and discover that they live near each other (They had forgotten all about that time when they first met) and he says that they could be neighbors. Dan and runo share a few moments together in season 1, and alot of other people including the bakugan battle brawlers and some of there enemies see that runo plays a importent part in dans life and usually try to kidnap her to make dan lose his battles but dan saves her and wins the battle against them.

In the series it shows that dan is very protective of runo and runo is verry protective of dan to.

After losing Drago to Spectra in episode 16, his determination to get him back pays off as he and Drago reunite in episode 18.

She is a master of direct attacks and uses Earth attributes in battle.New Vestroia: Julie is now 15, wearing new clothes like all others, and this time she does not have the same mutual feelings for Dan like she did in the first season, but is still dating Billy and gets postcards from him, time to time.She is seen with Marucho in the first episode, spying on Runo and Dan.Step 5: Tape onto front part and bottom on sides with both pieces of paper until secure. We’ll have to be honest and admit that Bakugan has passed us by.

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It is also discovered that she will be apart of the bakugan reisitance because she gets partnered with a egosauras and will battle along side him.

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