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But these events were packed with people who had paid not-inexpensive ticket prices to be there, and we figured that if we could cut through some the more apparent trappings of the thing, we might uncover something about the culture of single life in Toronto this festival had tapped into.

Kim Hughes, Lavalife’s dating expert (official title) and one of the judges, says that the weekend was “about celebrating single life, whether you are looking to find your soulmate or just a weekend fling.” Here it was, the open secret, the elephant in the room: the thing that everyone at this party had in common was the very thing they were trying to get rid of.

A 2015 issue of Forbes, reported that Tinder — arguably the leader of the pack of free dating apps — had a 600% growth in one year alone.

That’s right: using dating apps and even dating sites in the age of Tinder isn’t so shameful after all.

” We caught up with Zack Werner (of former former fame), one of the judges who had selected the long list of thirty, to see what he thought about the nature of singledom. “I hope you’re getting paid.” We asked him how much he was making.

Werner isn’t the type who you interview—he’s the type who you catch up with. “Not enough.” Werner aired a few of his thoughts on dating in the age of the internet.

Several months ago, the online dating site Lavalife announced a competition to crown one of its members “Canada’s Top Single.” From the Lavalife profiles that heeded the call to compete, a squad of celebrity judges chose fifteen men and fifteen women looking for love.

What passed for entertainment included the likes of Canada’s self-described “sexiest comedian” (another way of putting this might be comedian with the most noticeable plastic surgery) Nicole Arbour abusing the crowd with non-sequiturs about sluts and penis size before contorting her way through a painful song and dance number.

The analytical equipment used to determine the abundances of isotopes is more accurate in determining ratios of isotopes than their absolute abundances.

Therefore, Sr as the y-axis would allow the isotope ratios of all rocks in a lava flow to be plotted. Damon, "K-Ar Age of Lava Dam in the Grand Canyon," Geological Society of America Bulletin, 79 (Jan.

Popular Dating Methods Both the K-Ar and Rb-Sr methods make use of radioactive decay of a parent isotope to a stable daughter isotope. Leeman, "Late Cenozoic Alkali-Rich Basalt from the Western Grand Canyon Area, Utah and Arizona: Isotopic Composition of Strontium," Geological Society of America Bulletin, 85 (Nov. Six analyses of Uinkaret Plateau basalts (U-33, U-35, U-59, U-24, U-43, U-58) were used.

Potassium-40 (Rb has occurred since the rock cooled from the lava flow.

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In order to give an initial response, we might confine our attention to dating of lava flows, the most easily dated rocks, and limit our discussion to the Grand Canyon, which contains thoroughly studied lava flows profoundly relevant to the creation/evolution question.

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