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After all, she was more concerned about Willow abusing the power of magic and she sure never felt the need to wax philosophical over certain pieces in buckets of chicken, just to make sure everyone was on board with her sexuality. In reality, Willow came to recognize that that leggy, sassy cheerleader would never be hers, a crushing realization coming so soon after her epiphany that gay love rocks. Perhaps it wasn't so great after all, this gay love thing, if seeing the head cheerleader making out with your beard hurt so much. What high school girl with overbearing parents wouldn't want to date a musician, secretly gay or no (or openly gay for that matter! And so the Willow/Oz relationship was started on purely selfish grounds.

In fact, sometimes, we've loved Tara even more than Willow. For those of you so jaded by the recent onslaught of anvils and after school specials masquerading as Buffy episodes that you can't believe ME could be that clever, please remember that we're talking about the crew that planned two years in advance (albeit poorly) for Dawn's arrival, and that these people used to be extremely good at subtext (before they gave up and just settled for text. That's a lot of work, coming up with subtext all the time. It was all about understanding the creature that was Willow. Confused, she convinced herself she was heterosexual, and proceeded to put all she had into a crush on one Alexander La Velle Harris. Many people erroneously believed that Willow was upset because of her love for Xander and was outraged at our fair carpenter--how could he choose to be with Cordelia over her? Oz, a musician, automatically upped Willow's cool factor.

Alone and more or less waiting for death, Willow and Xander gave into their urges and started making out. I mean, he said he was gonna wait until I was ready, but I'm ready. Buffy: Well, I think it's nice that he's not just being an animal. That’s when she met Oz, an adorable guitarist who made no secret of his interest in her. Xander, upon being rejected by Buffy, eventually struck up a dalliance with a cheerleader named Cordelia.The two began a tentative flirtation, rendering Willow appropriately smitten. After a bit of a rocky start, they settled into being boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Nothing was amiss until Willow emerged from behind the privacy screen and they saw each other, fully and fancily dressed. When they (finally) parted, both felt guilty but still drawn to each other.

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