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Check, also, that you meet the entrance requirements of the course you want to study. In your UCAS application, indicate if you have a preference College or if you’re making an open application.

Submit your UCAS application by 15 October – our institution code is CAM C05.

Availability & Venue * 24/7 365 days per year * Secure Online Delivery * Schedule your exam to be conducted within just 1 hour.

Official results will typically be provided within 48 hours of the conclusion of your exam. Register to the testing system and select a date and time for your exam. Log in to the testing system 15 minutes prior to your exam. Your Proctor will take care of the rest and you can simply focus on completing your certification exam.In the majority of cases this deadline will be 18.00 (UK time) on 22 October 2017.If living/attending school/college outside the EU and/or applying for an Organ Scholarship applicants need to submit the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA).Dealing with law enforcement, traffic court, insurance companies and collision repairers is no one’s idea of a fun time.And if you’re not at fault in causing an accident, you may still have to commit significant time and resources to dealing with its consequences. This compact and lightweight video camera—designed specifically for documenting your drive—is a simple and affordable way to help you in the aftermath of an accident.

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It's a decades-old story: Someone gets hold of an old General Motors car or truck from the '50s, '60s or '70s, and immediately replaces the original inline-6 for a small block V-8 (I've done this myself). For the money, nothing produces more power for less money than a small block. There are many people who either want to keep the vehicle's original engine or like the idea of getting performance out of something other than the ubiquitous V-8.

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