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Midori is a San Francisco-based sex educator who teaches workshops such as "Hands-on Flogging" and "Predicament Bondage."But while BDSM is an excellent icebreaker at parties, she finds that one of her most popular classes is "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice and Erotic Story Telling." I imagine that's because while not everyone wants to admit their fascination with ropes and martinets, almost everyone has a phone."I teach people how to use the phone and technology to keep mystery, vibrancy and sexiness in long-term relationships, as well as in new relationships, without sounding like another stupid come-on," Midori says.

The techniques students practice in class "are good for a two-hour or a 20-year relationship."Many of Midori's students take the class to overcome self-consciousness and to learn how to engage in mutual sexual fantasy without feeling silly.

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Families that were happily married for years can suddenly realize that they cannot wind up looking at their lawful partner.

Google's clever back-end work lets you switch from Wi-Fi to cellular with just a brief stutter.

It's as stable as any video chat I've used, even on crappy connections. If you've ever tried video chat, you know the pain of diagnosing connection problems, determining usernames, and figuring out how the app works. It's simple like phone calls, because Google imagines Duo as something like the evolution of phone calls.

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We're talking about revealing, lustful conversations dripping with scintillating lust via an industry leader in adult entertainment..

So it's almost definitely not a nude stranger.

So I take a sec to check my hair, ensure I don't have food in my teeth, and position the camera to avoid filling the frame with chins.

Rather, the consensus among those who e-mailed me was that you would rather use your phone for actual sex than plain ol' porno. Getting kinky with devices that let you experiment with gender and species.

I'm not talking about the vibration setting, which is too short and wimpy to do anyone any good. Seducing a stranger or a spouse, although I wouldn't suggest doing so at the same time unless you're all three into that.

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