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Schiavone was an accomplished draftsman and etcher, as well as painter, and one of his few signed and dated works—the etching of The Rape of Helen (Bartsch XVI, 81)—of 1547, as well as closely related works, show an artist deeply indebted to the examples of Parmigianino and Mannerist artists active at mid-century in Venice, such as Francesco Salviati. 18, notes the influence of Parmigianino in the elongated, boneless figures.

The great poet and friend of Titian, Pietro Aretino, wrote an affectionate letter to the artist in 1548, and his mention in Paolo Pino’s treatise Dialogo di pittura the following year demonstrates that Schiavone was a well-known member of the artistic community.

Originally an octagon (the four corners are additions), it was the central panel of a ceiling with scenes from the legend of Psyche painted by Schiavone in about 1550 for the Castello di Salvatore di Collalto, in the hills to the north of Venice. 56, 57 (overall and detail), tentatively date it to the late 1540s or early 1550s, before Schiavone's paintings in the Libreria, Venice; call it almost certainly the painting mentioned by Ridolfi in the Castello di San Salvatore, Collalto; suggest that Schiavone may have been influenced by a ceiling decoration (Palazzo del Te, Mantua) of the same subject painted by Giuliano Romano and pupils in about 1528.

That they would have delivered on a black prince for the little girls (and even big girls) to moon over.

This is a user-contributed, ever-expanding list of theatrical and made-for-TV movies that feature romantic relationships between black women and white men.

Some of the relationships depicted aren’t entirely , of course.

A few episodes ago, our brilliant, hilarious, “crazy” heroine had a breakthrough in which she finally confessed to her best friend that she’s in love with Josh Chan.

Her insistent denial up to that moment was an intensely relatable, totally wackadoo feature of the show that points to the brilliant complexity of the psychological storytelling going on here.

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