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She does have an hour glass shape, but she isn't overly curvaceous. She's the girl who smiles and waves at everyone in the halls. Boys wanna bring her home to meet their moms, girls want to hang out with her, underclassmen want to be mentored by her. She doesn't judge you based on what you do or don't have. She isn't a possessive girlfriend but she worries easily. We moved to our current house when I was ten, I signed up for the cheerleading team the day I transferred schools. But not for sex or anything like that, she's just an easy going, fun, flirty, witty girl who just happens to be hot.

Reptiles Being a base Sluts Backstabers Honey Wearing glasses in public"Well I was born on a warm September day, or at least that's what Ma says. I'm the all american girl; Cheer captain, loved by all, hot, dated the most popular boy in school.

controversy isn’t going to stop the use of the Lolita themes in Kpop, or the countless netizen crusades to tarnish reputation with little real evidence; but maybe the scale of this controversy may open at least some target audience eyes to the underlying images and issues surrounding Kpop visuals.

Welcome to Out Clique - the social networking app for the gay, bi, lesbian, trans, and curious community to find gay events and resources.

Accusers may do well to remember in future that throwing around words such as ‘Paedophile’ can damage a career when unfounded.

Exploring a creative concept is in many cases completely disconnected to the implications of that topic in a real-life situation.

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