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As you can see from Graph 2, the larger the coefficient the greater the 'starting amount'.Conversely, the smaller coefficients lead to smaller/lower 'starting amounts'.Sent by John Anderson on November 21, 2002 neat stuff, but imo the range might be: from x / 2 6 to x (x / 3) Sent by r OTTEn on November 22, 2002 good stuff Sent by Mark Vracar on November 25, 2002 Aaaaah math ... Sent by Jerusa de Paula on December 21, 2002 Zsa Zsa said that a young woman should marry a man who is in his 40s. She, then at her sexual peak, should marry a man who is 18, now at his sexual peak. Sent by parkeru on December 25, 2002 OK, ya got the auto-age-calculator, now how about the auto-woman-FINDER? I have had failed relations, cheaters, nut jobs and my last one was perfect; been together 6 years and we are just like the day we met; totally in love and your chart got her age exactly!

have to admire about gerrymandering: It’s got some wicked slang.There is nothing new about disagreements over the best ways to educate the nation's school children.The periodic waves of education reform from the nation's colleges of education are more similar than they are different. I've seen this variously attributed to Plato and Lao Tzu.Sent by Fred Mees on December 29, 2002 Hey, I'm 62 and still horney as hell. Sent by Eddie on January 12, 2003 For years I have been telling all my friends in L. this rule and they all claimed I was nuts or they never heard of it! Sent by Mark on February 6, 2003 I tearing up that's so effing beautiful.

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In this first chart, we have a radioactive substance with a half life of 5 years.

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