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Now, I can't speak for all men, but if you were using the tips from today's MSN column to interpret my responses, then if I liked you at all, you would end up thinking I never wanted to see you again. So that you may avoid this, I will reproduce here the MSN tips, and my response to them: Tip 1: Analysis: If I wasn't interested, I wouldn't have said anything.Then again, even if I was interested, I might have been feeling too shy to say anything.Don't worry so much--flirting with your crush on MSN should be fun and stress-free!If you fine-tune your flirting techniques, you can make your crush smile, laugh, and want to see you in person in no time.

Tip 2: Analysis: If I suggest that we "hang out sometime" or "get together some time", then you can be 100% sure that I wish to do so.Stand tall and maintain your positive attitude no matter how she reacts.6) Do what you love. This 6-month online boot camp includes exercises, videos and information to change your life starting right now.If you struggle to meet or attract women, this is the program for you. If you find that your shyness is inhibiting your ability to communicate with women, here are some useful dating tips for shy guys:1) Take baby steps. Beating your shyness is a process that takes time, but you can do it, so just accept the fact that it’s going to be uncomfortable and possibly even terrifying. It’s the only way you’re going to grow.3) Improve your body language. By simply going out with trusted friends who are already the life of the party, you will find it much easier to loosen up and come out of your shell.Do this often, and you will find yourself naturally becoming more like your outgoing friends.5) Commit.

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