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Produce Music (event management) is the first project that Vertex invests in. Actually, we were using most of the procedures and protocols many years before but it was a necessary step for our natural growth. JSC "Vertex" will have possibility to represent its products in overseas markets and prepare export expansion through the help received from EU supported project.

Vertex focuses on improving and developing Vertex SMS platform and dating sites. 8 games and more than 25 mobile apps were developed during this project. Vertex invests in ( – educational platform, connecting students and lecturers. - New SMS messaging platform and webpage are launched. - More than 1.1 million active users on our dating portals are looking for their significant other. In early 2015 Vertex was certified in the field of information security management and received an ISO/IEC 27001 certificate. During the project, Vertex is scheduled to participate in 4 IT sector exhibitions and conferences.

The technology, co-developed by Nintendo and wireless and broadband communications giant Broadcom, marries run-of-the-mill Wi-Fi with a powerful bit of proprietary software to create a two-way stream of low-latency, high-definition video and controls between the Wii U and its innovative Game Pad.

That complex suite of software is designed to mitigate interference and deliver a smooth video signal and communication speeds, said Dino Bekis, senior director of wireless connectivity at Broadcom.

Please click here for a summary of compatible media."What we did with Nintendo is very much targeted at their platform.The foundation, or the building blocks of the technology, is the constant of 'How do I deliver low-latency, high-quality video from one endpoint to the other over varying conditions with a lot of potential interference and non-line-of-sight issues? Investment was made together with Business Angels Fund I. Together with investors from USA and Business Angels Fund I Vertex invests in a new kind of modern household equipment rental service. A very good year for dating sites -,,, and are launched. Vertex invests in project Integrated Optics ( – one of the most promising manufacturers of integrated optical devices.

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