Who is raj dating on big bang theory

Co-creator Bill Prady has said that the name will be revealed eventually, but producer Steve Molaro has said the opposite, so who knows.

Unless of course her name is Penny Penny Penny, and Sheldon's knocks make more sense.

At the start of season 8, Sheldon makes a grand return back home after trying to run away to clear his head with a train trip.

Although he didn't deal well with change last season, by the second episode he's taking on a new job.

executive producer Steve Molaro has warned that fans shouldn't expect to see a wedding any time soon.

Sheldon is so enamored with the result of Amy's experiment that he proposes something else that shocks Amy.There hasn't been an episode since the 6th series that I've really wanted to remember, not The Opening Night Excitation, not The Meemaw Materialisation, not even The Scavenger Vortex, because, although they're good enough in their own right, they're far from the show's glory days.I've sat patiently through the last 3 years of the show, and instead of watching plot developments and characters progress, I've watched the humour leak out of the show until there's not a lot left but irritating melodrama. The Brain Bowl Incubation is the first time in years that this show has seriously made me laugh.It got everything right, it's spontaneous, it's outrageous, it gets the characters just right, and finally, Sheldon has a purpose again other than to be the hideously drawn-out gag machine.We finally get some character from Raj who drifted through series 9 on autopilot, and Bernadette was put on the backseat so other characters could come to the forefront.

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