Rules for dating a salesman

Much of the terminology in the pickup / seduction world comes from sales terminology as well (though I should that terminology was already in place when I discovered pickup).

And I do toss in sales anecdotes and sales analogies pretty often.

"You've gone on a first date with a doctor and didn't think he was right for you.

He, on the other hand, thinks he was a hit and asks for a second date.

Tell the same story to a salesman and he hears, "YES!

You've probably just been trying to date someone in the wrong profession. You don't have to try to find them, they'll find you.With their cold calling expertise, these guys are not afraid to pick up the phone, dial a random number, and ask a girl out.Not sure if this stranger on the other end of the line is a person you want to go on a date with? He'll convince you he is just the person you've been looking for. Every time you say no to a date, a salesman hears "YES!If what a customer wants is profitable to you and you can deliver, say yes. By setting this precedent early on, you’ll have more happy customers.When I first started selling years ago, I had a tendency to say yes constantly, even when I couldn’t deliver.

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He promised the techniques for picking up women were just as relevant for business relationships (well most of them at least…). It turns out that these days the author, Neil Strauss, does one-day workshops on social dynamics and rapport building for the likes of premier global management consulting companies and he charges top dollar. Smile There is no more powerful way to command the attention of a room than to give a grin ear to ear. Be Original No one wants to talk to someone who looks and sounds like every other person. If everyone wears a suit, then throw out the tie or maybe add in a bow tie or perhaps turn the loudness of your shirt up a couple notches. Do the things in this article and I have a feeling you’ll be original. If nothing else, the originality will stand out and they’ll remember you among a sea of gray suits. Be Interested It amazes me that this even has to make the list. Most people are so busy thinking of their first impression that they never even hear the other’s name in the first place. Say their name over in your head a few times and repeat it back to them three times within the next few minutes.

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