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Sunday, p.m., HBO Pete (Pete Holmes), the endearingly hapless comic of HBO’s “Crashing,” is the kind of guy who wants to make his audience laugh with a silly joke inspired by his observations on life. You need someone who’s more balanced [than you are] to counteract potential narcissism. And he might be curious why Pete is the guy who keeps getting knocked down again and again, but might be the happiest person on the show. If you’re not careful, your life gets away from you.

He’s more Ray Romano and “Seinfeld” than “Louie.” Problem is: There isn’t much money in clean humor and Pete is broke. Would you describe Artie Lange as a good or a bad influence on Pete?

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)San Remo, ITALY: Italian showgirl Victoria Cabello hugs British actor Orlando Bloom (R) on the stage of the Ariston Theatre 03 March 2006 during the 56th Italian music festival in San Remo.

AFP PHOTO/TIZIANA FABI (Photo credit should read TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images)London, UNITED KINGDOM: British actor Orlando Bloom arrives 03 July 2006 at the Leicester Square Odeon cinema London for the UK premier of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Dead Man's Chest.

Pete spent Season 1 crashing on the couches of famous comics, including Artie Lange, who was reportedly fired from the show after a drug bust. There’s something healing about it that’s necessary, just like going to the doctor.

Here’s a look at some other famous tough guys who veered into comedy and found box-office gold.

Marlon Brando The elder statesman of cinematic toughs (“The Wild One,” “On the Waterfront”), Brando in “The Freshman” (1990) stepped into a role that references and riffs on his iconic character from “The Godfather” films with gusto. does it with such wit, discipline, and seriousness that it's not a rip-off and it's not a cheap shot, it's a brilliant comic masterstroke,” critic Roger Ebert wrote.

Cary grabbed Kalinda's hand and, earlier in the episode, she was at a bar with a woman.

Alicia seemed pretty conflicted with letting go of Will, but this could be it.

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It's a departure for "The Good Wife," but one that works well in terms of the pacing and tone of the episode. " John Noble was delightfully entertaining as Matthew. When Alicia thought her life was possibly in danger, she asked her mother Veronica (the wonderful Stockard Channing) to take her kids to safety. It was there that Veronica started revealing family secrets, which was great.

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