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Employees are granted access to their official Human Resources records in accordance with applicable laws.Employees must update their employment record in the Human Resources/Payroll system should their name, home address, citizenship, marital status, emergency contact or other data change.It is the intent of the County to safeguard each employee’s personal information.An employee has the right to review his personnel record maintained by the Department of Human Resources by contacting the Department of Human Resources and scheduling an appointment.Employment files are the property of the University.

HRMS enables current employees to generate a verification of their employment that can be submitted electronically to outside sources as necessary.

Please be aware that in compliance with CMS, we no longer release SEER-Medicare data outside the USA.

Note: In order to combine multiple requests when purchasing data, the requests must have the same permissions for access to any restricted variable.

Even with telephones and the Internet, it is still sometimes necessary to send an old-fashioned letter for business purposes.

Updating your business account records with a letter is effective, as letters are less likely to be forgotten (like phone calls) and less likely to be ignored (like emails). If you need to update your records with a letter, follow a few tips to make sure you cover all your bases.

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If you are changing your address, address your letter to "customer records." If you are unsure which department should handle your request, call the company and ask before addressing your letter, or look up the information on the company's website.

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