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I don’t think it’s known when James died, but he is recorded as working in Kilkenny, about 65 miles southwest of Dublin, between 17.

It’s very obvious that the two worked together at some stage: the models are very similar and the soundholes of both makers share the appearance of somehow having the bottoms too large for the tops.

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It has a flat base, so that it can stand upright on a table.But no matter – it’s designed to look good, either by itself in an interior, or in the arms of a woman.James Perry was probably the younger brother of the better-known Thomas Perry in Dublin.The Mustang will also be pretty well equipped compared to its German rivals.That had its original neck, which was Germanic in section, and had a table that was no less than 11mm thick in places.(I also have another Fendt cello for sale at the time of writing.) This is very different.

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