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I had someone try to pull that on me, and thank goddess I spotted it in the parking lot and forced the breakup before we went in. Elaine Atwell: Well, I guess I’m a waste of space because I am motherfucking Casper the friendly ghost. Kim Hoffman: Ghosting me would mean I come home from work and they’ve split up our vinyls, books and bathroom toiletries, taken the animals and left. You don’t know how there was a beginning, a middle—and the idea of tying it up in a bow and sending it on its way gives , the fucked up mess you’re in, entirely too much of you.

No, you don’t get any guacamole if you’re pulling that nonsense and yes, I will ugly cry the entire way back.)Miranda Meyer: Is it ghosting if you avoid returning contact and pretend not to notice it because you’re trying to avoid starting a relationship rather than ending it? Granted, I haven’t done it in a while, but back in they day I was just so afraid of confrontation, I would just disappear. That would be 10000% crazy and devastating but, hey, I wouldn’t put it past some lesbians out there to do just that. It was a verbally abusive relationship that put me in a corner, so if she called me a coward for being unable to stand up straight and say, “Yes, please leave—it’s over,” I was willing to take one more shitty cutdown, knowing I was just minutes away from free-feeling ecstasy.

“She’s butch,” my newly single friend said, as if that explained everything.“Right,” I nodded, because I thought it did.“didn’the.” She spoke as if to a three-year-old, albeit one moonlighting as a psychotherapist.“Right,” I said.

“Because she’s butch.”My friend sat back in her chair.

The film delves into Bessie’s relationships with both men and women, giving Queen romantic and sexual scenes with co-star Tika Sumpter, who plays Bessie’s lover, Lucille.

Your mom is sure that her only hope for grandmotherhood is your younger brother, and now you find yourself explaining the ins and outs of sperm donors and adoption, as well as assuring her that your ovaries still work.

I couldn’t think about being the partner of Flavor Unit Entertainment or just being my mom’s daughter or my friend…

I couldn’t think about anything else and I couldn’t have any fear in playing this character because she really deserves to somebody play her with some kind of fearlessness.” Robin Roberts, who came out publicly last year, is one of few out black women in the public eye. I guess that’s it.” Of course there are also athletes like Brittney Griner and Seimone Augustus, rapper Angel Haze, writers like Alice Walker and actress Raven-Symone, but there is still a lacking of role models for women of color when it comes to mainstream media and entertainment.

As Wanda Sykes once joked, “…being an African-American celebrity who’s out, it was like they started treating me like a unicorn. Queen Latifah is one of the most successful and well-recognized black women in America, coming off of her own talk show, producing films with her aforementioned production company, starring in major films, releasing albums and lending her face to brands like Cover Girl. Although Bessie Smith was out to her close friends and family, her sexuality was likely not discussed or acknowledged as bisexual by audiences.

The kind of influence she could wield if she did come out would be massive. In her heyday (the 1920s and ’30s), homosexuality might have been accepted in bohemian circuits, but not necessarily a topic of polite conversation, at least not in any kind of public forum.

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I’ve had to to literally tell someone to please stop contacting me because she’d obviously moved on but I hadn’t and every time I saw her name on my phone notifications it was like a tiny knife to my heart and she STILL didn’t go away. Part of dating is agreeing to be adult enough to think about another human being’s feelings.

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