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Probably those who were collateral damage in the grand scheme of things. Other than that I feel like she was justified in most of what she did as crazy as it was. I always loved her sense of justice and her determination. I was going to take the infinity carving on the porch but it disappeared. I’d have to say Nick [Wechsler] just because we are constantly laughing. It was a lot of collecting ourselves before takes but a welcome distraction on an otherwise very serious show. Allen got a little nostalgic as they looked back on their five years on the show. Why was filming “Revenge” like therapy for its actors?

" TV Guide Magazine: When you go out in public together, what kind of reaction do you get?

To have the opportunity to go to work with your friends everyday for 4 years is incredible. I personally loved it all from the glamorous looks down to the black hoodie.

Each costume was so well thought out and served its purpose for the character. Joking, tweeting, goofing, etc The funniest and prankiest was Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson).

Generally, people don't approach you to tell you they don't like you!

As Emily Thorne comes to the end of her quest for vengeance and ABC closes the chapter on “Revenge,” cast members including Emily Van Camp, Nick Weschler and Christa B.

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  1. Nowadays, all thanks to the speed of the smart phone, you can text links of news articles, and as is the case of many of my friends, you already know how their day went, as it's meticulously documented through their social media feed.