Updating database using disconnected architecture

Using connected architecture we will show all the data in the Employee table to the datagridview on form load. Connected architecture is an architecture in which even if we are not using the database table at the moment it will remain connected with the database.

NET section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions. U all are familiar with disconnected data architecture. But when I update the database with the dataset i can't find some records(deleted in between when i have data in my dataset) then how the dataset will update the database. The current version, which holds the client copy of the Data Set and any changes that have occurred, and the original version, which holds the state the data was in when the Data Set was first filled.This avoids frequent trips to the database, thus eliminating one of the major I/O obstacles. the biggest advantage is the security because when the connection is always opened anyone can access to the database because it's always opened.In a site where data is frequently queried but not updated, this can be a significant performance improvement, if your server has the memory to support the caching of the data. before understanding about this implementation you have to understand how database system is implemented in . in connected one, the user has to authenticate again and again and open the connection again and again whenever the transaction is started so this reduces the performance and increases work load specially when there is a lot of transactions but it secures the database from unauthorized parties. disconnected-data can be accessed from multiple tables in a dataset. NET runtime creates an instance of the datatable to hold data.And again when we want to update the table in database connection is established and after updating it again gets closed.In Disconnected architecture we use Sql Data Adapter to open and close the connection. Then we will show the data in the datatable in the datagridview.

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