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Baby news on the way for the famous ice hockey ball tender Ryan Dean Miller!After spending five years of happy life with one year old son the couple is planning for a second child, if rumors are to be believed.Noureen posted something touching on her Twitter when Bodhi was born.She told people, The couple announced their first baby in September 2015 via twitter joking about her crazy cravings for French fries and pickles which made her suspicious.MP cheers Brandon on as he hits the ice with his new German teammates.

These include Training Day, Frequency, Lethal Weapon, Taken, Shooter and Cruel Intentions.

However, Leary is far from a fairweather fan, having supported the team and the Bruins legends through the ups and downs of his lifetime..

The have managed to keep their relationship pretty private, other than admitting that they were dating and then engaged.

Insider has further reported that the Miller couple is in the desire of having a baby girl. Reports have claimed that it is the initial stage of Noureen’s pregnancy.

If the news is to be believed, it has only been around a week since the couple has known that they were expecting.

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