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In New York, a man on a subway train was caught on camera yelling and threatening a fellow passenger, telling her to "get the fuck out of my country before I murder your whole fucking nation" and making racist remarks about "your fucking Chinese eyes." Plot twist: the person he was yelling at wasn't even Asian.

Later in the evening, she asked me, what is my ultimate dream? To change the standards of what a man is, what a woman is, what beauty and love is, through the films I make and the stories I tell.

I spoke from my heart, and she was so drawn into it her eyes widened and her jaw was dropping.

But rather than get upset or play the blame game because of a most unfortunate but minority phenomenon, JT Tran hit Redditors back with an anecdote on the suavest response possible to that line. Since others aren’t asking more, I will ask for some of the guys here. I singled out one of them and started talking to her about her life, dreams and family. ‘I don’t date Asian guys.’ She was very set on dating white men and marrying a white man.

Despite this, I smiled and continued talking to her, maintaining eye contact and keeping the energy up.

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"I asked him politely, ' Can you please stop staring at me you are making me uncomfortable,'" she told Gothamist.

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