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This is why I’ve often felt that being on the receiving end is easier than being the one to end things.

It often seems that all the responsibility lies with the person who initiates the break-up. It might be that there is one definite deal-breaker, and in this case it’s simple.

It’s not them, it’s not you – the spark just isn’t there. Kate Taylor advises you on how to achieve a no-more-tears break-up First of all, take a long, quiet moment to think through the reasons you want to end the relationship.

You’re going to have to be very sure before you do it, because not only will your partner possibly try to change your mind, but you’ll also have time on your hands afterwards to wonder whether or not you did the right thing.

We broke up when he realized that we had come to an end — by reading text messages I had sent to another guy about how lame the sex was and how I didn't love him anymore.

Be careful of setting up the other person or yourself with that expectation.

When telling them, state the reason specifically and then don’t be allowed to be talked out of it.

If your partner offers to change, or asks for another chance, simply say, “I’m really sorry but this is just the way I feel and I can’t see you anymore.” Don’t be in a rush to get away as quickly as you can – if you leave hastily, the chances are higher that your ex will contact you afterwards by phone or email to discuss things.

So you’ve been out on a few dates with a guy, or maybe more than a few, but he’s definitely not your boyfriend and you’ve decided you’re just not that into him.

Can you actually 'break up' with him if you’re not exclusively dating each other? And wouldn’t it be tempting to just stop calling him back?

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Of course, you’re too mature to be extremely dramatic or extremely cold, but it’s hard to find the right kind of in-between break-up language for such an in-between relationship.

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