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The calibration curve revealed good linearity (-glucoside from the berry samples were between 99% and 101%, a satisfactory level.Additionally, the optimized mobile phase had a negligible effect on the C18 column stability.

Google does not currently support the S/MIME protocol on their Gmail Android application.If, after finishing these steps, verification still fails, please go back through and double check the steps.This could be an issue with your mobile provider, or it might be an issue with your phone.We need to verify your number and can only do that if you can either receive an SMS or a voice call. Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education for Medicinal Resources and Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry, National Engineering Laboratory for Resource Development of Endangered Crude Drugs in Northwest of China, College of Life Sciences, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, China E-mail: [email protected] Fax: 86 29 85310546 Tel: 86 29 85310266 This study was aimed at developing and validating a green HPLC-DAD method to determine anthocyanins using ethanol and an alpha-hydroxy acid aqueous solution as a mobile phase.

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Also known as two-factor authentication or two-step authentication, the process strengthens your account security by requiring you to enter your password (step 1), then a security code (step 2).

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