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Meghan, wearing a floral dress and sunglasses, beamed at her blue-blood beau and later they cuddled.

“This is the first time that she and Harry have socialized so openly as a couple and it’s a significant step in the relationship,” said his friend.

Fergie served up a tall, hot glass of MILFshake -- the perfect DNC after-party, we're thinking.

$" Wednesday night during The Creative Coalition's Benefit Gala in Philly.

Us Magazine.com: Congratulations on all the Black Eyed Peas Grammy love! Taboo: I think our group would cohesively agree we don't know how to feel until we are actually sitting in those seats.

The best award is seeing 20,000 people at our concerts signing our songs.

Actually, that’s not true – that’s hardly ever how interviews work, but when the call comes from a newspaper editor this is how it works. The van drove us underground, down underneath the main entrance to the stadium. And this is not me getting caught up in how time flew. 12 minutes or so later, Pierre opened the door and gnashed in my general direction. I wanted to tell them I had just been talking to her and she was nice and friendly and (kinda) honest. Later that night Fergie would go on stage and she would have the fly down on her pants for the first few numbers. And this incongruous opening act, that I hadn’t cared a thing about leading up to the gig, would hold my attention throughout her support slot. An interview for the Sunday paper from the competing company; they’d called and commissioned. I wrote about Fergie’s engagement and her movie cameo and her new album and how if she could write a letter now to the 17 year old Fergie she’d say .

This was not helpful at all, considering I was still asking them what I should ask her. They give you the answers they’ve given before to some else (and you’ve heard before from anyone else). But anyway, the woman from the other magazine was very quiet.

Us: There's no slowing down for you these days. I have every single pair of Air Jordans that was ever released!For those that are still under the impression that an interview with someone like Fergie is cool – and exciting – and means that you’ll be friends for life and start texting each other or even following each other on Instagram, let this post serve to burst that bubble. First instruction was to meet at the venue – that being the “cake-tin” – at 5.00pm. He shut the door and gave off an impenetrable vibe. But basically, it was just me and Fergie on two seats at one end of the room. My half-hour with Stacy Fergusson was reduced to about 12 minutes. She had told me that she had had no plastic surgery done. Days later I found myself looking at the cover to a Black Eyed Peas DVD and could see how much her face had changed in just the last 2-3 years. Walking out of the stadium to find members of my family so that we could walk back in together to enjoy the show I heard tween fans gushing about the chance to see Fergie.) » 37 hospitalized, 7 arrested at Kenny Chesney concert in Pittsburgh (RS) » Clint Eastwood's ex-wife Dina marries basketball coach Scott Fisher (DM) » AMC renews 'Preacher' for season 2 with 13 episodes (Slash Film) » Run-DMC's Darryl Mc Daniels: Sarah Mc Lachlan's 'Angel' saved my life (BB) » Report: Khloe Kardashian caught kissing Trey Songz in Las Vegas (NYDN) » Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda recording song for Orlando victims (E!) » Matt Damon jokes he'll move to Mars if Donald Trump is president (DM) » 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star Sas shot in head at party, will be OK (TMZ) » Did Daniel Craig and some leather gloves cost 'Skyfall' millions of dollars?

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Josh Duhamel wheels his luggage inside LAX Airport on Friday (April 1) in Los Angeles. News about the importance of getting in date nights with Fergie.

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