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The local people truly live off the land and try to make use of everything in their dishes, and not waste food, which you’ll note as you nosh on Shan noodles—a traditional rice noodle dish found in the Shan State that’s a bountiful blend of chicken, black bean or fish sauce, fresh vegetables, and peanuts.

Another example is the or fermented tea leaf salad.

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Features: Simple interface Call any of your contacts with just one tap, with a simple interface that brings video to the forefront.The political landscape of Burma – arguably now more widely known by its new name, Myanmar – has been increasingly prettified since the National League for Democracy (NLD) took power as the governing party last year, and this week it underwent further improvement.A law designed to allow the nation’s previous military rulers to detain people without charge, and impose death sentences for offences considered treason, was gleefully scrapped by the new parliament.Healthy, delicious, and largely reliant on fresh produce, locally farmed livestock, and freshly-caught fish, the fare in Burma defines farm-to-fork.Thanks to Myanmar’s location, and the fact it was closed off from the Western world for decades, its cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighbors such as Thailand, India, and China.

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