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Several critics have alluded to his “Colin Firthery” and he’s often compared to Hugh Grant, for obvious reasons: intelligence (he read English at Oxford), chiselled features, soulful blue eyes, thick curls and a nice turn in self-deprecation.

“Comparisons are odious but also quite flattering,” he admits, smiling.

In the book, Parker writes 34 separate letters to men she's encountered throughout her life, including "Dear Risk Teacher," "Dear NASA," and "Dear Mr. This is still wrong." The driver then asks Parker to refrain from swearing at him, but she continued shouting until she was kicked out of the taxi.

You." Among the dozens of letters, none appear to directly mention Crudup, with whom Parker shares an 11-year-old son named William. Instead, it details Parker's fragile emotional state in the wake of her split in the form of a confrontation with a NYC cabbie. "I don't want you anymore," the driver told the then-pregnant star.

“I’m not embarrassed about it,” he says of Winchester.

“I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing had I not gone there, both for positive and negative reasons.

I was not having a good time at school otherwise, for lots of reasons.

“I never felt that,” says Dancy, 37, tucking vigorously into a tuna burger and chips.He even modelled for a Burberry "country house" campaign shot by Mario Testino.Critics predicted that he'd end up as the new Hollywood romantic hero.The former My So-Called Life star met the Almost Famous rocker on the set of Stage Beauty in 2003, which prompted him to leave his girlfriend of nearly eight years, Mary-Louise Parker, who was seven months pregnant with their son.Although Danes and Crudup were together for four years, she reportedly began an affair with her now-fiance Hugh Dancy while they were still dating.

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Danes and Dancy are now parents to their 2-year-old son Cyrus.

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