Aquarius woman dating cancer man Desi adult chaet

The Caner man is more interested in security and commitment while the Aquarius girl keeps everything easy.He needs too much emotional attachment which would not be met by the Aquarius girl.The Aquarius woman lives in her head and is not very comfortable with emotions.The Cancer man on the other hand, lives in the ocean of his emotions and may see the Aquarius woman as cold and detached which does not help on a date.

Something more than romance exists here with this duo.In their pursuit to explore new ideas they detach themselves from the family.On the flip side, Cancerians have a very strong emotional bond towards their family.An Aquarius woman seeks for the mate who is jovial and not clingy like a Cancer man.There would be better compatibility between a Cancer man and an Aquarius woman but the long term prospects are to be questioned.

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But this sometimes works against them in love relationships.

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