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A hobby that you’re passionate about adds to your intrigue and reflects who you are as a person. A passion can also connect you with a person who shares your interest.e Harmony lists the 10 most attractive hobbies and interests.

Here’s how you might do that: If you haven’t already done so, start building a support system for you.

Let go of expectations — and everything you thought you knew about love and partnership.

Write down everything that’s holding you back, like fear, rejection or insecurity. Or buy helium balloons and attach each paper to a balloon and (literally) let it go. This is an opportunity for being courageous and exploring different types of romance.

By watching them and identifying what it is they do you can learn and adapt for your own use…. Now think of something happy or funny and notice the difference. This is another thing confident people do, they make eye contact. We gain confidence when we can look in the mirror and acknowledge that the jeans and T-shirt or the dress really does look good on us.

Not weird staring eye contact simply that they are happy to hold a gaze, to talk to someone and look directly at them. You don’t need to spend a fortune either, perhaps go with a friend if you’re not confident about choosing something that suits you. ” Listen to others – there is something magical about really being listened to and this is something that confident people know so well.

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