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Cora Ann Presley's "The Mau Mau Rebellion: Kikuyu Women and Social Change," is reprinted with permission from the Canadian Journal of African Studies, Volume 22, Number 3, 1988.

Using the group method helps to ensure that the women are not tempted to spend the savings on other things such as food, water, medical expenses, school fees, or any other of the array of daily needs that the poor are faced with.TRANSFORMING THE LIVES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN SDFA-Kenya seeks out communities that are below the poverty line and have limited access to electricity.Most people in these villages rely on kerosene lanterns as their only source of lighting. When solar lanterns are used in place of kerosene, families are safer and are able to save money that can be used towards other necessities.Luise White's "Separating the Men from the Boys: Constructions of Gender, Sexuality and Terrorism in Central Kenya, 1939-1959," is reprinted with permission from the International Journal of African Historical Studies, Volume 23, Number 1 in 1990.Audrey Wipper's "Kikuyu Women and the Harry Thuku Disturbances: Some uniformities of female militancy," is reprinted from Africa, Volume 59, Number 3, 1989 by permission.

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e-Mama is a pilot project being implemented in Mount Kenya Hub (Kieni, Mbeere and Meru) and the greater Nairobi Hub targeting 10,000 households with access to markets and information services.

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