How europe is accomodating muslims

This month Sweden's democracy minister, Alice Bah Kuhnke, told Swedish TV that gender-segregated swimming hours – as the system is often referred to – are problematic and called mixed-gender swimming “a victory after many years and generations of gender-equality struggle.”In Malmö, Iva Parizkova Ryggeståhl and her fellow members of the local International Women's Association have spent a great deal of time talking about gender-separated swimming.

At first, they weren't sure how to feel about it, but now they've decided they're opposed to it.“Men who are not comfortable being in the same swimming pool as women should not be there,” Ms. “And we women shouldn't care whether men are looking at us in the swimming pool or not, and whether they get jealous or not.”By contrast, supporters of gender-separated swimming hours maintain that without the separation Muslim women would never get a chance to swim.

Eighteen months after the photographs of little Alan Kurdi’s body on a Turkish beach generated a huge swell of public emotion, entire families are still dying on a regular basis.

In the first ten weeks of this year, some 525 people were lost crossing the Mediterranean. As a continent we have wavered between trying to stem the tide of boats and encouraging it — as Angela Merkel fatally did by briefly opening Germany’s doors to migrants in the weeks following Alan’s death.

Over the years the company had routinely accommodated her wish to wear a while working at the front counter and was terminated. The court, holding that the company had a duty to accommodate plaintiff’s religious practice and could not rely on perceived customer preferences to establish that accommodating plaintiff would cause it undue hardship, granted summary judgment against the employer. The general information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only.

after she was hired, and told management that she eventually planned to wear a full headpiece, with only her eyes showing. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances.

Management told the employee however, that it would consider what reasonable accommodations could be made to its dress code policy. Second, I submit that neither Muslim immigrants nor Islam itself will ever leave Europe: like it or not, they are here to stay. Simply because while some groups, such as illegal immigrants, can be expelled from a country or even from the European continent, others, such as Muslims holding European citizenships or local/native converts to Islam are simply not possible to expel: this is impossible legally, and this is impossible practically (expel where? At best, the EU could, in theory and with an immense effort, close its borders to future immigrants. Many of them are young, many of them have suffered hardships which most Europeans could never overcome.Their family, tribal, ethnic and religious ties are much stronger than the ones you can observe in the modern “nuclear” family of most Europeans.And that is raising a much larger issue for Sweden.Should the native population adjust to immigrant groups' different lifestyles by accommodating women-only swimming and the like, thus providing access to Muslim newcomers who would otherwise not feel comfortable in gender-equal conditions?

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