Sql procedure loop while updating records using cursors

We will pass the increased rate and use a cursor to update each record.

Create table #tmp ( Sales Order ID int, Order Qty int ) GO --simple cursor in sql server Declare @orderid int, @orderqty int -- declare a cursor DECLARE insert_cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT Sales Order Id, Order Qty from Sales.

*/ BEGIN /* Executable section: procedural and SQL statements go here.

Note: The material on triggers that was formerly in this document has been moved to A New Document on Constraints and Triggers. PL/SQL extends SQL by adding constructs found in procedural languages, resulting in a structural language that is more powerful than SQL. All PL/SQL programs are made up of blocks, which can be nested within each other. I have table User Logins(User Id, Logindate) Data Like User Id Logindate 111 01/12/2012 111 02/12/2012 111 03/12/2012 111 04/12/2012 222 01/12/2012 222 02/12/2012 222 03/12/2012 222 04/12/2012 333 01/12/2012 333 02/12/2012 333 03/12/2012 333 04/12/2012I want to delete the records from this table and I want retain only last 3 recent records for each userid.the id and date is here in tablw.i want to collect the sum of datediff in as order as employee id…in table,,date in punch in and punch out…iwant to diff alternate table…then their sum …which is considered as slno..For a fixed file format, I created an SQL script that flattens the data using the following: SELECT [Sheet2$].[Name] AS [Name], [Sheet2$].[Group] AS [Group], ‘FY13Q2’ AS Quarter, [Sheet2$].[FY13Q2] AS Project FROM [Sheet2$] UNION ALL SELECT [Sheet2$].[Name] AS [Name], [Sheet2$].[Group] AS [Group], ‘FY13Q3’ AS Quarter, [Sheet2$].[FY13Q3] AS Project FROM [Sheet2$]This works fine, but I want to be able to handle a variable number of input columns, in which the FY13Q2 etc can vary.I want to check the existance of a column name and if exists, then match it’s name to a predetermined set of possibilities and then automatically use Union All for each column. Of course, the alternative is to edit the script above and customize it to match the input data stream.

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Sales Order Detail WHERE Sales Order ID=43659 -- open cursor and fetch first row into variables OPEN insert_cursor FETCH NEXT FROM insert_cursor into @orderid,@orderqty -- check for a new row WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS=0 BEGIN -- do complex operation here Insert into #tmp SELECT @orderid,@orderqty -- get next available row into variables FETCH NEXT FROM insert_cursor into @orderid,@orderqty END close insert_cursor Deallocate insert_cursor GO The above query creates a temporary table #tmp.

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