Wachovia securities not liquidating funds

With most mutual fund redemptions, the proceeds are distributed to the investor on the following business day.There are consequences that can be triggered when mutual fund shares are redeemed, yet many investors are not aware of these events.These funds are well-diversified and, under normal market conditions, follow a target asset allocation based upon the fund’s investment objectives.Typically, target date funds are sold by date, such as a 2025 fund.An investor can buy shares of a mutual fund, which is professionally managed according to investment objectives stated in the fund’s prospectus.Unlike traditional mutual funds, asset allocation and target date funds primarily invest in other mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to gain exposure to a wide variety of asset classes.The list is updated quarterly, and the funds are available for purchase with a Wells Trade brokerage account.

In some of these actions, funds have been paid by defendants or respondents to satisfy a judgment and the SEC, in its discretion, may seek to distribute these funds for the benefit of harmed investors.

Each share class owns the same fund securities but will have different fees and expenses.

Investors can choose the fee and expense structure that best suits their investment goals.

Everything went smoothly for a while – my account was transferred out without a hitch and trades were executed perfectly – until last week.

I logged in to my account and discovered that an interest charge was deducted on our USD account.

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