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Hide The x Xx films have never promised high-brow cinema.Still, it comes as a something of a surprise to see Vin Diesel’s return as Xander Cage bring with it a stupendous amount of boredom alongside its expected silliness....(And if “extreme sports” seems like a somewhat dated phrase, this movie does nothing to breathe new life into it.) He’s been laying low in the Dominican Republic since the first film, presumed dead and loving it.There’s a large amount of 80s/90s-style action-movie silliness, including a shootout on a plane that’s about to crash, topped off with a freefall stunt that Sir Roger Moore would have been proud of.Super-secret agents, satellites falling out of the sky, Vin Diesel in a big fur coat — seriously, what is "XXX: The Return of Xander Cage" even about? When Diesel was too fast and furious to come back for the sequel, spymaster Jackson brought on Ice Cube instead.

He's set to return as Groot in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.That movie blew up even more stuff, but didn't set the box-office on fire. So it’s time for Diesel's Xander Cage to put together his own gang of lethal killers.So now Diesel finally returns, to do the dirty work the U. And for us to sit back and watch while everybody punches everybody else, in slow motion. Carefully calculating foreign returns (much of the movie's money came from China), the film casts mostly Asian celebrities. “I was in the middle of an interview and Brad Grey — who runs Paramount — calls me and says, ‘Will everybody come back to work in May? ” The returning co-stars in question would be talent from across the globe, who assembled for the “Return of Xander Cage” premiere, including Deepika Padukone, Ruby Rose, Donnie Yen, Nina Dobrev, and martial artist Tony Jaa.Paramount didn’t respond to The stars — from India, China, Thailand, Australia, and the U. — made their way to the premiere at London’s gigantic O2 Arena in a luxury yacht that sped (within speed restrictions) along the Thames.

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