Dating service with screening process

Thanks to the all-inclusive power of the Internet, you were scrolling through goths and triathletes and electricians and investment bankers and chefs, and suddenly it didn’t seem so crazy to start trading emails with someone who rooted for the wrong sports team or even lived across the country.

If you are frustrated by the online chit chat, then it’s time to take your search to a whole new level.

This, let’s be clear, is not a good thing—and not just because elitism is lame.

Apps like the League go against the entire promise and thrill of online dating.

If you vary where you are finding your potential love interests from, you substantially increase your chance of success. Screening Screening is the most crucial stage of the Smart Dating Process™.

You need to get really, really good at eliminating people that don’t meet your basic compatibility criteria before actually spending any time on a date with them.

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