Active directory reverse dns not updating

The Active Directory Installation wizard offers to install DNS if the wizard does not detect a proper DNS zone configuration during the installation of Active Directory.

Step 1 – In CUCM Serviceability LDAP Directory and click Add New.It seems to have fallen into the Jolly Useful ™ category. IP Addresses are allocated in blocks from IANA (currently managed by ICAAN) through the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), which it turn may allocate them to National Internet Registries (NIRs - though this national level is not always present) and so down to what are called Local Internet Registries (LIRs) which are typically ISPs/SPs.In order to perform Reverse Mapping using normal recursive and Iterative (non-recursive) queries the DNS designers defined the special (reserved) Domain Name of IN-ADDR. These LIRs are typically responsible for allocating blocks of addresses to customers.IPv4 reverse mapping is not mandatory though, as indicated by the mail example, it is essential for hosts that send mail, using either a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) or a Mail User Agent (MUA).In the case of IPv6 reverse-mapping was originally mandatory but as part of the seemingly relentless move to relax the goals of the original specifications (doubtless for good operational reasons) it is no longer a mandatory requirement.

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