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Abbreviations for bioevents (paleotops): Glob flex = Globorotalia flexuosa, Trim A = Trimosina denticulata, Hyal B = Hyalinea balthica, Glob M = Globorotalia miocenica, Glob alt = Globoquadrina altispira.

Paleoecological abbreviations: Bathy = bathyal, M = middle, U = upper, O = outer, I = inner. Because fossil species evolved through time in genetically related lineages and because extinction events were followed by new assemblages of species, fossils provide the best criteria for dividing the geological record into time intervals characterized by the first-appearance datums (FADs) and last-appearance datums (LADs) of key species (Figure 1).

D., and additional methods have been developed to help collaborators deal with the specific fossil data available to them. However, the methods exist, so they should be used if needed.

It will be some time before all of these methods are formally described and published, as first I have to get all of my other Ph. (Whether or not they are easy to figure out and use is another question — in some cases it will be awhile before I can work up proper tutorials/examples, and sometimes the methods may need further refinement to deal with particular datasets; I am open to collaborations if a researcher finds that useful.) In the meantime, I will briefly describe the options for fossil data that currently exist in the Bio Geo BEARS package / the additional source files which will soon be added to the package.

Understanding and Incorporating Geologic Information In Divergence Dating Analyses Wagner, P., Marcot, J.

In some cases, sufficient fossils exist to coherently describe the "range" of a fossil species, but it is very common for fossil species to be known from only one locality or region.

The true range is not known — the species may have lived elsewhere, but has not been found yet, or perhaps no rock record of the correct age/environment/region exists.

Early geologists, in the 1700s and 1800s, noticed how fossils seemed to occur in sequences: certain assemblages of fossils were always found below other assemblages. Since 1859, paleontologists, or fossil experts, have searched the world for fossils.

In the past 150 years they have not found any fossils that Darwin would not have expected.

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Chronostratigraphic assemblages are the basis for correlating strata among wells, across basins, and between basins.

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