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In its original published hardcover format, the book was covered in black leather and bookmarked with red satin, similar to some printings of the Bible.

Despite the reputation that The Game has gained as an exposé on the seduction community, it was primarily written as an autobiographical work.

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Normal Guy: Just talk to them like a fucking human being. Pickup Artist takes a smarmy stance at Woman Pickup Artist: You look like you're on a diet. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing.Pickup Artist: Nah, that's a sucker's game. It’s a candid camera gag by the prank-happy You Tube comedy channel whatever, and it’s the second time they’ve done this shtick: Two years ago, they had a man proposition 100 women for sex (he was rejected 100 percent of the time) and then had a woman proposition 14 men for sex (she was rejected 50 percent of the time).This go round, they had the same woman proposition 100 different men and her success rate — if it can be called that, given the circumstances — was a low 30 percent.


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The follow-up book, Rules of the Game, relies more on the how-to side.

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