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As it says in the Blue Book, ‘All problems are ultimately problems of understanding and due regulation or control’.

At our National Weekend and AGM last year, a GROWer survey was conducted which revealed that around 98% of GROWers had both an email account and a mobile phone and around 50% were on Facebook.

Promoting Education These great ideas are all about teaching students in dynamic ways.

It’s accessed by pressing one of the small buttons in the top right hand corner of the screen, when it is available.Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at how we, as GROWers, can integrate technology into our lives and our GROW Program (especially 12th Step activities).Nothing really beats face to face contact over a cup of tea/coffee or a good chat over the phone and one could argue that texting has made it too easy for us to fulfill our 12th Step obligations without really engaging.Most weeks, I don’t even say goodbye.’‘I don’t know what his address is,’ says William. I get messages from her saying he’s too tired, busy or doesn’t want to go on Skype.We all marvel at Facebook and its number of users, which at last check stood at around 400 million.

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