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” brought down the house), Cam Con is a serious business meeting about a booming industry.

There is no reference to them on the website other than the map of their positions. At first glance I thought it was outside Sol y Luna, checked this morning and it isn? n accompanied by a member and spokesman of the Brotherhood of St Anton, Pedro Contreras. There are 3 more along the textile beaches so it can't just be for the thrill! I certainly think we need to ask questions of someone on the council.

And interviews with the mainstream media were like tip-toeing through a minefield.

“I’m trying For all the weirdness and double-entendre humor (when the host of one panel discussion had trouble unfurling his microphone cord to reach an audience member with a question, a shout of “It’s long enough, it can reach!

Business was so bad that plans were laid to demolish the famous Art Deco hotels which had largely become hostels.

(Curiously, it was the filming of the 1980s' cop series Miami Vice that initiated the preservation campaign – the rundown buildings clashed with the show’s Ferraris and Armani suits, so the city was forced to smarten up.) Given the British predilection for self-catering, it was inevitable houses would become available for rent – but few could imagine they would be so big and so well-appointed – and each with its own pool.

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Whatever it is Yes Julz does to be a famous, well off, world traveler, it's definitely our gain and The Amish's loss.

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