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When an authenticated connection is established to the metadata server, the authorization facility queries the metadata server for a Login object that has a matching value in the User ID attribute.If a matching login cannot be found in the metadata, the requesting user is treated as a member of the PUBLIC user group.Even deactivated themes and plugins can leave your system vulnerable.Following are best practices for keeping your site up to date.This will allow you to confirm you are resetting the admin password in the correct database.Next, check your DNS, to ensure you are pointed to the correct server. Hello Surendra, When you are changing the password field, please be sure that you are using your password after it has been converted to a MD5 hash. Best Regards, TJ Edens Mr Edens, you seem to have some good knowledge of these password problems..Hackers can immediately write bots to automatically crawl the web and exploit these vulnerabilities.Outdated themes, plugins, and Word Press version are the number one way hackers gain access to your site (besides brute force hacks of your login).

Applications use out-bound logins to automate connections to other hosts, servers, and applications.The longer you wait to update, the harder it will be. Changes might be made to templates and how data is stored in the database that are more easily managed in increments.Also, more importantly, updates can be critical for security.Kindest Regards, Scott MDownloaded WP (via Hostgator) 2 days ago, but get the error message, "You have not logged in since 2011" and that I should reset my password.But I have tried reseting my password via my Hostgato cpanel, and still get the same message.

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