Dating a bipolar girlfriend

You're glowing."'Eamonn, who was particularly complimentary of Kerry's appearance, expressed concern that her position in the public eye put her 'under pressure' to say she was happy.

However, Kerry responded: 'I'm an open book and everyone knows that and that's what I love being in the public eye.

Second, most disordered abusers don’t see themselves and their behavior as the problem.

Even when their issues are clearly of their own making, they blame others.

The sneak attack followed and I lost all interest in hanging out with friends. At school I felt invisible and hid away in a library cubicle between classes and during lunch. I lived a double life; lying to my parents was as easy as breathing.

How would Iknow I was imprisoned by the dark cloud of depression? I wanted my life to end to escape the relentless pain. Eventually they took me to a psychiatrist and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at nearly 17.

I transformed and became out-of-control and reckless with no insight or judgment. I was relieved to learn that I had a treatable medical condition. Shortly after I started medication, I felt like God placed His hand on my shoulder and told me to have peace.

Each month, features new, empowering stories of individuals whose lives have been touched, but not limited by, a mood disorder.

Our hope is to provide inspiration to individuals living with depression or bipolar disorder—to acknowledge that, though there may be dark times, there is also hope, and we are not alone.

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