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By contrast, the patients who arrive from villages around Raqqa city with acute medical emergencies or trauma injuries have crossed the frontlines relatively quickly.” Speaking on the situation in Raqqa, a 41-year-old patient with shrapnel wounds to his chest who fled Raqqa after losing seven family members says: “In Raqqa city, if you don’t die from airstrikes, you die by mortar fire; if not by mortars then by sniper shots; if not by snipers, then by an explosive device.” Following an airstrike, the patient’s mother was trapped beneath the rubble of a collapsed building for 15 hours.

After being dug out, she was able to receive some basic medical care and leave the city.

(Image: Javier Trueba/MSF/Science Photo Library) The diminutive human hobbits of Flores had a basement.

And early signs hint at the tantalising possibility of more Homo floresiensis bones in this newly discovered chamber. floresiensis became a worldwide sensation when it was unveiled a decade ago.

Derek is an an authority on online dating, and he recently released a book on the subject, “The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating.” Last time, Dave and I discussed going on dates.

We shared a wealth of our personal knowledge on what types of dates work, which don’t, conversation topics to avoid etc. Dave and I will answer all those questions in detail this week and next week with the help of two very exciting guests I am very excited to be bringing you the first episode of the After Hours Dating Podcast.

It contains the names of the accredited agencies, the status and validity of their accreditation.

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