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The letter at the beginning represents the month, so J would be March (see chart above). Custom Shop, Made in Japan, 1991-1996: Letter-letter-###-letter, like so: HP213J. 111 is the unit number; and the final letter is an internal code. During 1999, they starting the count each month at 200 rather than 500. Tenryu/Wada Factory, Made in Japan, 1946-1968: #####.

The last three numbers represent order of production on the day the guitar was made. ” To you folks, we offer the following: Several other serial number configurations used by Yamaha over the years. And of course by the hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional musicians around the world.If you would like information on becoming and Alvarez dealer, please call 1-800-727-4512 or contact us through our email form on our contact page.The Alvarez trademark was established in 1965, and the company was the earliest of Asian producers to feature laminate-body guitars with solid wood tops. Louis Music also distributed the Electra and Westone brands of solid body electrics. Louis Music currently manufactures Crate and Ampeg amplifiers in the U. Nor can it be broadcast or transmitted, by translation into any language, nor by electronic recording or otherwise, without the express written permission from the publisher.Initially, Alvarez guitars were built in Japan during the late 1960s, and distributed through St.

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While dating your electric guitar or acoustic guitar can be tricky, the places listed below should give you an idea of the date for your vintage guitar through its serial number.

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