Mike comrie hilary duff dating since invalidating environment

Hilary Duff should be breathing a sigh of relief as her ex-husband Mike Comrie, the father of her son, is out of legal hot water, as Radar has confirmed.

And could the end of the alleged rape probe against Comrie clear the way for Duff to reconcile with him?

In February 2015, Duff filed for divorce from Comrie, citing irreconcilable differences, Mike Comrie was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and attended Jasper Place High School.

Comrie was drafted in the third round, ninety-first overall, in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft by his hometown Edmonton Oilers out of the University of Michigan.

And now, reportedly prosecutors have cited “reasonable doubt” over the accusation of non-consensual anal sex.

The alleged victim told cops that Comrie raped her multiple times after meeting the former player at a bar on Saturday night, TMZ reported.Comrie, who was divorced from Duff last year, and fathered her son Luca, 5, was embroiled in scandal after he was investigated for an alleged sexual assault at his Los Angeles residence in February, as Radar reported.The former athlete was accused of raping a woman he met at a bar on Feb. He allegedly knew his victim and acknowledged that he had sex with her, but he insisted that the encounter was consensual.Then the accuser also allegedly had consensual sex with Comrie — but reportedly claimed he crossed a line by forcing her into sodomy, as the Bleacher Report story noted.Comrie, according to reports, was heard on an audio recording by prosecutors telling the accuser woman that all of the acts were consensual.

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