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The object of the 56-year-old Roxy Music frontman's affections is a backing singer some 35 years his junior.The debonair star has been secretly wooing 21-year-old Katie Turner during his solo European tour. The couple have been enjoying romantic evenings out and a string of shopping trips where they have been seen giggling together.She’d only been speaking to him for a few moments when he sent the shocking message through the site’s direct messaging service.The man, called Zorophos on his profile, told Elizabeth: ‘I’d like to ruffle your hair like you’re my dog.’ Elizabeth, from Chorlton, immediately reported him to Ok Cupid and has since reported him to Greater Manchester Police. When he sent the first message I thought “are you saying what I think you are saying” so I quickly sent a response to tell him I found it offensive. First you have to find someone with whom you share a mutual attraction, then you have to make sure that you want the same thing in terms of commitment. As a result, many have turned to online dating sites. As the saying goes: “Men are afraid women will laugh at them.

Whatever the status and rights of the concubine, they were always inferior to those of the wife, and typically neither she nor her children had rights of inheritance.At 5ft 10in and with sleek dark hair, Miss Turner - who is two years older than the singer's eldest son Otis - bears a striking resemblance to Ferry's estranged wife Lucy Helmore in her younger days.Miss Helmore, now 42 and the mother of Ferry's four children, broke the news that their marriage was over two weeks ago when she admitted: 'We have drifted apart.' A friend of Ferry's said Miss Turner was being 'very supportive' following the break-up.‘I’d like to ruffle your hair like you’re my dog.’ A woman was left speechless after a man wrote this to her on dating website Ok Cupid, adding he would like her to wear a sign calling her a ‘n***** slave’.Elizabeth Webster, 38, says she was left ‘shocked and shaken’ when he started launching horrendous racial abuse at her.

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Patriarchs had sexual access to black slaves and, if a patriarch wanted to have extramarital activity with a white woman, he would probably do so with a white servant, not a woman who only served in the "mistress" role.

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