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But now this top secret interception, dating back to October 2011, published today by Wiki Leaks in exclusive collaboration with l'Espresso and Repubblica and a team of international media, reopens the case: what really happened in Italy in that difficult autumn, when our economy was under extreme duress and Berlusconi's sex scandals, from Ruby Rubacuori to the other “bunga bunga girls”, were making headlines around the world?What really made Berlusconi's government collapse, paving the way first for Mario Monti’s unelected government and later those of Italian PMs Enrico Letta and Matteo Renzi?

But should we think of these as duties of egalitarian justice much like those applying domestically, or as weaker duties of humanitarian assistance?

Also on the 24th, Valentini indicated that EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy had urged Italy to undertake policies aimed at reducing the impression within the EU that the country is weighed down with an enormous debt at a moment in time when it also is struggling with low productivity and showing little dynamism».

It was extensively reported, it fueled conspiracy theories and Berlusconi's most loyal collaborators even requested a public inquiry.

Laura Valentini holds a first degree (“laurea”) in Political Science from Pavia University (Italy), and an MA and a Ph D in Political Philosophy from University College London.

She was a Junior Research Fellow at The Queen’s College (Oxford University), and a postdoc at the Center for Human Values (Princeton University).

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