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The winning formula of has been carefully developed with complete attention to detail and a commitment to the highest quality in part of the Global Matching Line(GML) International Family which has grown into one of the World’s most comprehensive international dating networks with a highly specialized customer service team.I also believe that these men are normally honest, hard working and take their role as father and head of household seriously.Perhaps this is reason why international dating sites like ours - and other web sites like, - are popping up and have become so popular.Having started in 1993 as a non-profit introduction agency funded by the National Citizen Benefit Fund, the streamlined network now possesses a refined international client-agent network and a first-rate dating experience.

I was born from Uttaradit and I still live here for work.

I’m friendly, likes to make merit, honest, faithful and loves family. I’m a faithful girl, independent and likes to help people. When I have someone I can feel love I […] I’m a joyful Thai girl. The reason I am looking for foreign boyfriend or husband because I think they are romantic and look after girlfriend or wife well. I’m joyful, friendly, loves my family, likes to help people.

The reason I am looking for foreigners because I think they probably taking […] I’m a Thai woman. I always think positive, likes to smile, friendly, romantic, sweet, have a sense of humor, cheerful, joyful, not aggressive, generous, listen other peoples, respect and ready to learn new things. When I am free time I like to cook […] I’m a beautiful Asian woman.

This success is built on the high quantity of authenticated female members contained within the database and the large number of happy couples every year.

is based on a customer centered approach and strong communication with clients which gives it the edge in the field of international dating.

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This is a hard core Sex Dating site that will hook you up 24/7.

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