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We Chat, developed and operated by internet giant Tencent, apologised on Monday, saying the feature was only supposed to be available to US users, but technical errors resulted in it being available to Chinese users.

Chinese mobile users were surprised to see icons of the Star-Spangled Banner "rain down" their app screen whenever they typed the words “civil rights” in conversations with friends.

But who would really adhere to those rules once you’re already out with that man?

” Girls would usually end up being forced to participate in sexual activities or raped, according to Lee.

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In such cases, teenagers rarely seek out help until the point where they have lost control of the situation.

That is a very dangerous game you’re playing for the simple reason that the odds are not in your favor—let’s imagine this is a craps game where you roll two dice.

A 12 gets you laid in the copy room, 11-3 gets you a reputation as the drunk, creepy guy in the office, and a snake eyes gets you fired.

After about 20 minutes of swapping pleasant iconicry, she abruptly told me to go to sleep. Should I follow up on Monday with real conversation or just let it go for the sake of our working relationship?

Wow, I haven’t come across someone this flirtation-tone-deaf in a long while.

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"We apologise for any misunderstandings caused." The new feature only appeared in the past few days, seemingly to mark the birthday of King, an African-American civil rights activist and Nobel laureate who espoused civil disobedience and led protests against racial discrimination in America.

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