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When she was three years old, her father moved the family to Nashville, Tennessee, where from an early age she flourished among the sights and sounds of the Music City.She started writing songs and entered a school talent show in the third grade where she took home the first place prize—a 10-pack of gumballs.The sound, the rhythm, is not what someone would label blues, and I think that happens with a lot of songs on this album as well.I consider all of it to be the blues, but I’m trying to present it in a way that shakes it up for me and the listener.” It would be easy to envisage Blunderbuss – the 11th album of White’s mature career, after six with Meg White in The White Stripes, two fronting The Raconteurs alongside Brendan Benson, and two playing mostly drums in The Dead Weather – as the point where much of the subterfuge stops, and something akin to a real Jack White emerges. The enigmatic strategies and outlandish concepts remain just as critical to his appeal as the songs and virtuosity.For a certain kind of music geek, reading the lengthy credits is its own pleasure: production from Diplo and the Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, samples from Andy Williams, writing credits for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Father John Misty and Soulja Boy -- and that’s just the second song (“Hold Up”). 1 Debut on Billboard 200 With More Than a Half-Million Copies Sold On the next track, “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” Jack White’s guitar and raspy voice is readily recognizable, but only the credit-browsers discovered that the operatic oohs and aahs in the background weren’t Beyonce -- they were talented Nashville singer Ruby Amanfu.Like Beyonce, the Ghana-born Amanfu is a skilled collaborator: She’s dueted with Jack White live and onstage (including the 2013 Grammys) and performed with Norah Jones and Hozier. I wanted to utilize more of an operatic vocal style, which I love to sing from time to time.

So I'm just honored that my voice was already present when the lyrics were being put to the track.Her 2015 album, which featured production by The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney and covers of originals by Bob Dylan and Kanye West, solidified her as one of Nashville’s one most beautiful, and most underappreciated, voices.? In the verses, you'll notice it's sparse and staggered, like quick breaths -- which I love, because to me it sounds almost like gasps processing every word of Beyonce's lyrics.I think that people are still discovering that it's me singing on "Don't Hurt Yourself.” If you haven't read the credits, the truth is, you wouldn't know. Then we layered my vocals at least eight times in the choruses and whatnot to create that fuller choral sound you hear in the other parts of the songs. What did you take them to mean when you were recording the song?The song is rather a drumless, minimalist affair based on the chord progression of The Beta Band's 'Dry The Rain' (inadvertently, I'm sure, although the idea of Jack blazing up a spliff to 'The Three EPs' is an awesome), doodling electric piano and an unnamed female vocal echo (or a treated Jack vocal, maybe).Ruby Amanfu is a Ghanaian-born singer and songwriter based out of Nashville, TN and Los Angeles, CA.

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Music can be inspiring to lyricists in the same way that lyrics can inspire music, and I think that sometimes we forget the former. Jack reached out to me the weekend the HBO special came out to congratulate me.

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