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She now chose a less aggressive stance, hoping I would indict myself in all my woman-hating wonder. ), I’m not so certain a satirist can push the envelope any further. The rubbernecking No-Nos mentioned above are tsking and tutting harder than ever, calling out champions of our own community for perceived inappropriateness. Some stopped to have a photo taken with me in my ghoulish glory. Satire is the meanest queen at the bar who leaves everyone in stitches (perhaps literally) yet still she makes the most tips as she’s insulting everyone to their faces as they hand her a dollar. Satire is the glorious heritage of our wittiest and most eloquent of queer culturists: David Sedaris, John Waters, H. Anything is possible in today’s “polite society.” Once a sitting U. senator gushingly recalls his cherished childhood bestiality and a state congressional candidate flatly states he’s all in favor of the legal stoning of homosexuals (rocks, not weed, Mary! Yet the irony is, as the world around us gets crazier, our LGBTQ community has gotten more and more politically correct, militantly minding our Ps and Qs? This August he returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his solo show “Dandy Darkly’s Pussy Panic! Er berichtete als Reporter von den Kriegen im ehemaligen Jugoslawien und über Krisenherde weltweit.

With success as a musician comes many things: fame, pressure, money and a lifestyle that allows access to all manner of chemical substances.

Well, he has a relationship, bordering on bromance, with a foreign politician called Vozzeck Spravchik, “the first great man he had ever encountered face to face”. Fracassus’s tutor, Kolskeggur Probrius, points out a strange fact: “There’s something about him that compels attention,” he says.

“It can’t be looks and it can’t be presence, because he has neither.” But still, there it is.

In this book, Fracassus has very little experience of the world.

But he does have his toys — one of which is Twitter.

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