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How did you decide that that was where this season should ultimately climax, as opposed to Hood versus Chayton? Even in the way we write our episodes, I really try to stay away from conventional episodic structure.

The typical episode structure would be build, build, build in about 46 minutes and hit the big climax and then give yourself five minutes to wrap it up. A big setpiece like the Nola-Burton fight might happen 15 minutes into an episode instead of 40 minutes. Let”s tell that story in episode eight and then when fans are feeling, “Wow, that was the end of the season – oh wait a minute, we still have all this other stuff to get solved.” And it was just a way to make the season feel less predictable and ultimately, I think, more rewarding. He gets hurt, he gets wounded, jumps into the river, goes to Louisiana, and is in the fight club where he gets hurt a little there.

Chayton you would up resolving first and then you dealt with the military later.

And when a network succeeds in this endeavor, the result is two BFFs that make each other seem even funnier. Or The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Bob Newhart Show? And I'm not just looking at partnered shows that I personally think are funny, I'm looking at partnered shows that actually work well together.

Here are some of the most notable blocks on the air: Fox's rom-com coupling is noteworthy for its strong female voice (thanks to New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether and Mindy creator and star Mindy Kaling) and shirtless dudes.

Yes, we know that New Girl is presently paired with Weird Loners but that show is in danger of being canceled before you finish reading this article. It can be difficult to distinguish between CBS comedies because they generally stick to a similar formula: multi-camera, perverted, not that funny.

The network has a million permutations to choose from when constructing comedy blocks because it's working with puzzle pieces that are all perfectly square (this is also true of CBS's Monday combo of 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly).

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